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I still have a day job and that's...ok?

I still have a day job and I'm pretty proud of it. I nanny for two incredible young men and a very needy Bernese Mountain Dog named Scooby. The boys are both over the age of 7 so I am more of a glorified chauffeur at this point and I'm proud of that.

Don't get me wrong...I really REALLY want to be a full-time artist. That's my main career goal; to have all my income come from being an artist. I am steadily working my way there via my wonderful agents at Lily's Talent and my own hustle in the Chicago theatre scene but I am not making enough to not have a "day job."

For those of you non-actor folks that's the jobs we do in between or to supplement the jobs we love to do but that doesn't mean we don't also love our day jobs. As a matter of fact, the most successful people I know in "the business" really enjoyed their day job. They just knew it wasn't forever for them like acting or modeling or doing voice-over is for me--that stuff is my forever, my career, not my job.

I am proud of what I do when I'm not on set or on stage or recording. I am proud that I have worked a lot of really shitty day jobs to find my incredible nannying gig that I have now. I know that ultimately the people I work for care about me and my career. They also know I care and invest in their children because even if they are my "job" they are truly incredible humans I get to hang out with and tell to get of PS4. One day I won't have a day job and that'll be an outstanding milestone for me but until then I am proud of what I do whether walking Scooby or memorizing lines.

Scooby and I picking up the boys from school

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