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I don't have a day job...woah

When COVID struck this year I spent two weeks in my bed. I have a history of anxiety but not depression. Many of you already know those two are just different sides of the same coin. I was devastated over the lives lost, the lack of control, and the projects postponed. I was also really, really burnt out and my body definitely needed a time out. So there I was, so sad that getting up to pee seemed like a lot of work and realizing that all my planning, all my scheduling, and all my work wasn't going to pay off. Back then we didn't know how long this thing would last but I knew that my TV auditions were gone, my theatre gigs indefinitely on hold, and my day job non existent.

My poor fiance was left with a lump of in his bed but, damn, did he mold that lump. Ugh...not sure how I feel about that metaphor but you get the idea. He waited patiently and cooked me meals and made me get up to pee and took care of the dog and told me it was going to be alright. And eventually it really was alright. I'm not going to pretend it was some miraculous thing or easy for me to get out of bed one day but one day I did get out of bed. One day I had finished my first stage of grieving (there would be many more to come) and I got up.

I had been trying to work on my voice over career for months but was too overwhelmed with my day job and rehearsals and auditions to really give it a go. Then all of a sudden I didn't have any of that and I wasn't as sad any more so slowly but surely I began investing it in again. Since COVID started I have become a full time voice over artist or 'voice talent.' It's been nuts and wonderful and scary. The fiance was 100 percent on board and with his support I have been able to do this thing during such a crazy time. I am making more money than I did at my day job. I work from home in a studio I built myself (saving up for something truly soundproof but a converted closet is working wonders). I am happy and still sad at times. I think this is just my new normal.

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