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Bethany is currently working on: 

While my first love will always be new work on stage you will mainly find me in my booth these days. Please reach out with any inquiries at


Height: 5"3  |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Blonde

 Vocal Range: Soprano 

High A-G below middle C

Film HS Thumbnail.png


Oh Colonizers!

Three Stories Up#

Sweet Texas Reckoning^

Mr. Kotomoto Is Definitely Not White*

The Skriker                                      

The Texture of Water*

Wounds to the Face                                                           How Does That Make You Feel?*

The Iliad, the Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology….  

Savage in Limbo                                                                   Cat In Heat*                                                                         

Tinsel! The Musical                                                             The Royal Society of Antarctica*                                                                                                                                                                     

Karen the First


Kate u/s






Female 2

Savage u/s



Dee/Tamara u/s

Collaboraction d/Anthony Moseley

Theatre in the Dark d/Corey Bradberry

Artemisia: d/Julie Proudfoot

NoMads Art Collective d/Scott Jackoway

Curious Theatre Branch d/Beau O'Reilly

RhinoFest 29 d/Emily Rich

Runcible Theatre Company d/Andrew Root

Entertainment Buffet d/Mary Nora Wolf

Theatre Hikes d/Ron Popp

The Poor Theatre d/Will Crouse

Nothing Special Productions d/ Brian Rohde

Li'l Buds Theatre Company d/Jeff Predmore

The Gift Theatre d/John Gawlik

#US Premiere                                                      ^Midwest Premiere                *World Premiere


The Haven (Web-series) Mr. Big Shot                   From the Soundwaves   Zero in the Snow                                       

Supporting (recurring)




d/Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke

Columbia College

UIC Independent Project

Carmel Clay Schools


Boost Mobile: The Elevator

Walmart/Pacific Cycle: E-Bikes

CME Group

Scheels All Sports: Fall Fashions

American Red Cross: Rock the Donation

Principal (Boot Employee)

Principal (Walmart Employee)

Principal (CME Employee)

Featured (Friend in car)

Principal (Lisa)

Onion Labs  d/George Zwierzynsk

Richter Studios d/Nick Helfers

Maday Productions, d/Terry Maday

Nonbox Advertising

Ad Council     


Second City Training Center

Acting Studio Chicago

Chicago Shakespeare Theater


Voice (Sung)

Hubbard Street Dance

Indiana Repertory Theatre

UIC School of Theatre and Music

On-Camera Commercial Auditions

On-Camera Auditioning 

Folio 1 & 2

Comedy Sportz Chicago (Levels 1-4)

Classical/Musical Theatre/Pop/Folk

Hip Hop/Jazz Funk

Monologues/Audition Technique 

BFA Theatre Performance

Lauren Philips

Rachael Patterson

Kevin Gudahl & Larry Yando

Comedy Sportz Indianapolis (Professional Player 2011-2015)

Amy Pickering & Stuart Thompson

Trae Turner & Dome Lorusso

Priscilla Lindsay

Yasen Peyankov

Studies in: Adaptations, Viewpoints, Scene Study, Brecht/Beckett/Pinter, Chekhov, Shakespeare, Contemporary Performance Techniques, Movement/Capoiera, Sylization/Boal, Feldenkrais, Linklater/Fitzmaurice/IPA

Special Skills
  • Reads music

  • Classically Trained Vocalist (10+ years)

  • Teleprompter

  • DIALECTS: RP, Cockney, Central Scottish, South Midland/Southern Appalachian, Polish, Bronx

  • DANCE (PARTNERING): Foxtrot/Waltz/Swing

  • Children’s Theatre

  • Hosting expertise

  • SPORTS: Yoga/Distance running/Weight lifting (Personal Trainer)/Swimming (Former Lifeguard),

  • Working with children (Nanny)

  • Working with animals

Previous Productions:

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